Hard Drive Categories and Western Digital HDD Colors

December 9, 2017  

We will not give very professional hard drive category analyzing information here, but just give some information from the view of common consumer. We might be better know a little bit hard drive knowledge: Hard drive categories or types ? What does mean Western Digital HDD colors ?

Note: We do not include SSD in this article but just focus Mechanical Hard Drive (HDD).

Western Digital produced different HDD categories using different colors: Blue, Green, Black, Red, Purple and Golden.

Blue Color:  Desktop and Mobile Category. Blue HDD is for common PC. Our desktop and laptop normally come with this kind of HDD.



Green Color: No more available. The green HDD line was merged into Blue line. Green HDD was for Low power consumption. Green HDD was for common PC too but lower price.



Black Color:Black HDD is also for common PC and laptop. But it provides higher performance compared with Blue HDD. If you often work with professional video edition, or high quality game, or even build a small home server, you might be better consider black HDD.



Red Color: WD Red HDD is NAS HDD.  Red NAS HDD is designed specifically for NAS systems.  It can have 7 x 24 operation and reliability. Red HDD could be similar or better performance with Green HDD, saving power, but more data saving reliability.



Golden Color: Enterprise level category. It is designed for enterprise specially. Golden HDD provides best performance. It can have 7 x 24 operation and data saving reliability like red HDD, but golden HDD can be better reliability with longer MTBF(Mean Time Before Failure). Of course, it is more expensive.



Purple Color: Surveillance Category. Purple HDD could run 7 x 24 too. But maybe the data failure handling is different with other HDD such as red HDD.  Red HDD needs more data reliability, but Surveillance system allows small data error even it handles the error specially. For example, when we watch TV, we can ignore a little bit video breaking but just skip to next section which is for more smooth video playing.

Since purple HDDs are for Surveillance system, not only it should work as 7 x 24 way, but also it can work under more terrible environment like bad temperature and duty space etc.

Please remember, we now know the Purple HDD’s requirement, so we can NOT use purple HDD in our NAS system. Otherwise, you might find you could lost your data.



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