Canadian Obihai Device Suppliers which Offer Lower Prices

December 29, 2017  

There are many Canadian and American buy a kind of VoIP device called Obihai. Popular model includes Obihai 100, 200,202, 302 etc, so that they can use the device to get free IP phone service such as FreePhoneLine in Canada.

Here we collect several Obihai Devices suppliers in Canada, they can offer lower prices compared to other stores.

1: Newegg Canada

Newegg is the top supplier who always provides Obihai Device with good deal prices.


2: AcroVoice

AcroVoice seems be able to offer lower or similar prices than Newegg Canada most of times. But AcroVoice mostly is a VoIP Service provider, they sell Obihai device for an optional business.

3: Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada sometimes provides good deals on Obihai device