How to Choose Furnace Filter

July 2, 2016  

If we use furnace in our house, we need to change its air filter every several months, or, if you are using a permanent air filter, you need to clean it in regular time duration.

Throwaway Furnace Filter or Permanent Furnace Filter ?

We recommend you use good quality “Throwaway” air filter and replace it with new one every several months. By now, those called “permanent” air filter do not work well than  “Throwaway” type furnace air filter. Because most of common family do not have professional filter cleaning tools to make 100% clean and 100% working right mode on the “permanent” air filter; But, those Throwaway air filter have been pre-handled by manufactory, we use it one time, and replace it with a brand new one, which is better.


You must know what size your furnace air filter. There are normally the following sizes: 10x20x1 11x20x1 12x24x1 14x16x1 14x20x1 14x25x1 15x20x1 15×24 16x16x1 16x20x1 16x24x1 16x25x1 20x20x1 20x24x1 20x25x1.

Seems the most popular size is 16x25x1 in North America, there are also some house are using 14x25x1, but it is difficult to buy 14x25x1 in local store. However, you can buy all different size from online store.

MPR – Microparticle Performance Rating:

This is a professional data on an air filter, MPR indicates the air filter’s capability of filtering micro particles for air. Normally, this number is bigger, the filter is better.

For example, the following filter is 1000 MPR:


Brand (Designer or Maker):

In North American, the most popular air filter is Filterate with 3M label. Please check above image, the 3M label is on the package.

Replace Time:

The normal furnace air filter replacing duration is 3 months. Actually it depends on your house, if your house located in more dust area, you might have to consider change furnace air filter every 2 months. You need to watch your air filter and make the duration time by yourself, but please do not keep a filter in your furnace too long time.


We only focus on 3M Filterate air filter here since it is the most popular filter in current market.  The air filter is not a cheap item. Even you buy from local Walmart, you still have to pay around $16.97 ~ $20 or more for each piece. So you will have to watch the prices, when some store provide discount, then the price might be good.

For example, we saw Amazon has provided multiple times 50% off on furnace air filter ! Please watch this one or this one (the latter one is a 1500 MPR filter).


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