How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick

December 19, 2017  

There is no Kodi app on Amazon Fire TV Stick by default. Due to recent US’s Net Neutrality Fight and The FCC votes 3 to 2 for repeal of net neutrality, Google has officially announced YouTube will No more available on Amazon’s products such as Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. When you open YouTube on your Fire TV Stick, you will see the following information:

Starting on 1/1/2018, the YouTube app will not be available on this device. You can continue to enjoy your favorite creators and videos in many other ways. Please visit for a list of devices you can use.


But, consumers still can use YouTube by using 3rd party apps such as Kodi on Fire TV stick. Then how can we install Kodi ?

We tried several solutions and only got the following 2 solutions worked.

Enable Developer Settings

First of all, no matter which solution, the most possible we have to do is Enable Fire TV Stick’s developer settings on the Fire TV , so that we can install apps from outside the Amazon app store.

On Fire TV Home screen, select Settings, Go to System (Or Device), then Developer Options, Enable both the ADB Debugging and the Apps from Unknown Sources options.


Then we can have the following solutions:

Solution 1:

We used this solution since we compared multiple solution, this one is the fastest and safest.

On your new bought Fire TV stick, you might find an app named ES File Explorer, which is a great tool on Fire TV stick to help us to install many useful apps and tools.


We will use ES File Explorer to install Kodi.

From ES File Explorer home page, we select View on PC,


Then we can see a screen to ask us Turn On the network, we click Turn On, then we can see ES File Explorer created a FTP service on Fire TV Stick, in our case we have, copy this ftp link to computer which you downloaded Kodi apk file on, on the computer,  open Windows’ File Explore and paste the ftp address, then you can copy any file from computer to Fire TV Stick


As our case, we copied kodi apk file to Fire TV Stick’s downloads folder, then we go back to Fire TV Stick, in ES File Explorer, This time we select Internal Storage from left panel, and open Download folder:


Now we can the Kodi apk file, click it and we select install it. Then we can get Kodi on our Fire TV Stick.



Solution 2:

If you do not have computer, you have an Smart phone such as Android phone. You can use an app named Apps2Fire (Please find it on Google Play).

Sorry we tried this solution but we did not have screen copies. All steps are:

1: Install App2Fire app on your cell phone;

2: Install Kodi on your cell phone;

3: Make sure you enable the developer options on the Fire TV device (as mentioned above )

4: Open App2Fire, Set your Fire TV Stick’s IP address;

5: From your phone “Local Apps” list, select Kodi , then click upload button to upload to Fire TV Stick;

Since the Kodi file size is more than 80M, you will have to wait for some time to let the uploading finished. We were worried about if something happens such as network disconnect, then how about the file uploading ?  It is not that easy and safe compared to the solution 1.

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