Jamieson Vitamin B12 1200mcg

January 10, 2018  

We usually buy and eat Vitamin C, D, E, but do you eat Vitamin B ? B12 ? What is it and how does it help our health ?

Vitamin B-12 is an essential element for the production of healthy nerve and blood cells.  Healthy blood cells help to remove carbon dioxide and other toxins from your body. Jamieson B12 provides natural energy by helping your body to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins so they can be used for energy.


Jamieson Vitamin B12 Features:

—Naturally energizing

—Premium source of vitamin B12

—Great for vegetarians

—Easy to swallow tablets


Adult take 1 tablet daily.

Store between 15-25 C.

We can buy Vitamin B12 from local stores like Costco, Walmart, Drug Stores. We can also buy it from Amazon.

Here is Amazon selling information. When we write this blog post, Amazon is just having 1200mcg Jamieson Vitamin B12 on sale, original price is $10.97, sale price is $8.97.

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