Joie Meow Cat Theme 60-Minute Kitchen Timer Home Decor Products

July 20, 2017  

A Kitchen timer usually  is used in our life . If you are the one who likes cute products then this item is just for you!

Look at the Meow Kitty kitchen timer below, It is pretty cute!


The maximum time you can set is 60 minutes (1 hour) . It can keep an eye over your food or a friendly reminder when time is up .


It is small ,handy and easy to use.

How to use it:

Just wind all the way clockwise from 0 to 60 minutes and then turn back to the time  that you need,  if you need 5 minutes, first you wind to 60 minutes, then back to the 5 minute, and when it goes to zero you can hear the ring.

This timer is great for kitchen, school, games, puzzlers, fitness and lot more…

It is very useful and we love to use it!

There are also other designs timer. Such as an owlet, penguin, piglet or just a normal plain one.

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