Never Buy Too Cheap Electronic Items on Amazon

April 17, 2018  

There are many weird sales items on Amazon with unbelievable low prices.  For example, a Camcorder with 720p resolution only asks $11.99 on Amazon. But normally a 720p camcorder needs at least around $150 in Canada (not from big store).

For example, there is just a cheap Camcorder is asking for $11.99 CAD on Amazon Canada website, and, it even provides a 16GB SD Card!.


However, we suggest DO NOT buy this kind of electronic items which are asking too cheap. Please just think:  If it is a good quality Camcorder, how could it is only valued $11.99 CAD ?  What is its making cost?

Unfortunately we have a family relative bought this item. He complained this item is a completely un-useful item. There are at least 3 unacceptable problems:

1: All recorded video can ONLY show part of content after they are copied to computer without any reason;

2: If use the USB cable which is provided to connect with computer, the computer can NOT find the USB device which is on this Camcorder, you have to buy a USB cable from another store;

3: The power adapter does not work at all;

My family relative said if the problems are only 2 and 3 might be ok because he can buy replaced cable and adapter, but the 1st problem is heavy and it can NOT been resolved by customer themselves.

Anyway, even you can return the item with full refund, but please save your time, do NOT buy those items with weird low prices.