Sunbeam LED Power Failure Night Light

April 2, 2018  

We have used another brand LED night light for almost 2 years. They are still good with good quality, the brand name is Blackout Buddy. However, seems the product is discontinued on Amazon and there is newer product has replaced it. Also, the LED light we bought lacks 2 features: Motion Detect and Auto Dimming.

That’s why we bought this one today: Sumbeam LED Power Failure / Night Light. It has all features which Blackout Buddy LED night has, plus Motion Detect and auto dimming.


We bought the package from local Costco store, you can get lower price from Costco normally but you will have to pay annual membership fee to Costco. If you do not want to pay membership fee, you can also consider online stores such as Amazon.


The functions include Night Light, Power Failure Light, Flashlight, Motion Detect, Rechargeable LED Light, Auto Dimming.

Sunbeam LED Night Light is useful for some dark places that only need short time light on. For example, it is much better if we use it in basement than Blackout Buddy LED light. Because Blackout Buddy light can not automatically turn off but Sunbeam LED can, which can save some power. image


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