What is the difference between Crucial MX200 SSD and Crucial BX200 SSD ?

July 2, 2016  

When Crucial released BX200 SSD model, customers feedback disappoints on it. Fortunately, Crucial MX200 models came soon and we like its good performance.

The following is the highlight difference between Crucial MX200 and Crucial BX200:

MX200’s Improvement:

We picked up the speed as the separate difference factor later, Let’s compare other features first.

MX200 provides Hardware encryption compared with BX200, BX200 does not have hardware encryption.

Also, MX200 has other advanced features such as dynamic write acceleration, data defense etc.


The most important factor of SSD is speed.

Due to Crucial official data, seems Mx200 and BX200 do not have big difference on reading and writing data speed, no matter sequence data or random data reading/writing. We can check the official data as the following:

Crucial official data

  MX200 BX200
Sequence reads 550 MB/s 540 MB/s
Sequence writes 500 MB/s 490 MB/s
Random reads 100 k 66 k
Random writes 87 k 78 k

We see the strange data above is BX200’s random reads is slower than random writes.

However, most of customers and 3rd party organizations were complained Crucial BX200 SSD, why ? Let’s look at the speed data from a 3rd party testing organization:

3rd party testing data

  MX200 BX200
Sequence reads (128K) 430 MB/s 485 MB/s
Sequence writes(128K) 470 MB/s 85 MB/s
Random reads (4k) 69 MB/s 43 MB/s
Random writes (4k) 246 MB/s 69 MB/s

The 3rd party testing was using IOMeter software. we can see the testing result is very different with Crucial official testing. The BX200 is really like a slow hard drive, the only one “normal ssd” speed is reading sequence data.

So, we suggest SSD buyers to avoid Crucial BX200 SSD, but we can buy MX200.

Where can we buy Crucial SSD ?

We can buy Crucial SSD from local store. or, buy from Amazon.

Selling Information:

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